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VideoICU, LLC, as a company

Organized in 2011, VideoICU's mission statement was to bring technology to small and medium businesses, small and medium sized cities and counties, in an affordable, trusting and understandable. It is as true today as was the vision in 2011. Many inquiries started with maybe a simple surveillance question and ended with VideoICU building a new corporate IP network that was simple and cost effective with value added capability. 

VideoICU can engineer, design, build and implement any IP based solution needed with IT expertise on staff. 



Richard Huckaby, BSEE, DVM


With over 30 years of electrical engineering experience, Richard has seen technology evolve through the years. From his design engineering roots in the aerospace and electronics industries, helping develop and design high tech equipment for NASA, the US government and other private contractors, he has understood that you must plan for the dynamically changing technology landscape. After completing his BSEE at the University of Alabama, he worked for high tech companies including Harris Communications, Bendix Avionics and Scientific-Atlanta, moving forward from design engineering to managing a staff of dozens of engineers as Director of Antenna and RF Engineering for Scientific-Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia. 

Richard, having an entrepreneurial spirit, always wanted to own his own company and control his own destiny. An avid outdoor sportsman, with a love for quail hunting, bird dogs and horses, and a love for open spaces, Richard made a bold choice, when no good choices for engineering careers existed much in the Southeast in a more rural environment. A move back near his home roots in the Chattahoochee Valley area of East Alabama and West Georgia would serve him well as he entered and graduated from Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine with honors. Richard's career in vet med spanned nearly 20 years in the local area, with his roots in engineering always along side him. After his retirement from vet med, Richard moved back into technology and fulfilled his goal of owning his own tech company and VideoICU was born. Richard brings a wealth of technical knowledge and scope to the table for his clients with years of well earned trust. 

Imaging Technology in Motion


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